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Two Free Gifts - Welcome to the Inman Infantry!

Two Free Gifts - Welcome to the Inman Infantry!
From my Captain America Begs For Money video – now over 10 years old!

Happy Veteran’s Day, superfriends. All of you have been enlisted.

When you join the Army, you learn two things. First, everything you do will be "Hurry and Wait". For example, you will wake up at 3am, mobilize your entire unit, and wait until 12pm for your Colonel to give you orders. As you wait in boredom, you begin to curse the whole military complex machine. The second thing you learn is to dive in when nothing makes sense. You have to take a risk and go for it.

I'm doing that with this newsletter, and as I attempt THIS brand new thing, I'm giving you two freebies! (Read on!)

Regular readers may have noticed that this issue's format looks different in their inbox. After using Mailchimp for years, I've switched to Ghost. Going forward, what does that mean?

I hope artist Rick Celis doesn't mind that I using his art. He made me look so cool!!

It is the birth of the Inman Infantry! Your transmissions will start coming twice a month from the regular content machine. What will those transmissions look like?

Every month on the first Tuesday, I'll send out Hero Histories. This article digs deep into the history of one real hero from our past to inspire our future. We're talking about real people. There are artists, nurses, soldiers and all kinds of occupations represented on this fascinating journey that I hope will inspire and give purpose to everyone who reads it.

How about the second transmission?

Aren’t you impatient? All will be revealed if you stick around.

Please allow me to re-introduce myself if you're new to this newsletter. Hello, I’m Jason Inman. A Kansas Farmboy who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and got the Army Good Conduct Medal. You may have seen my face on the internet somewhere. I've made geek videos for my own channel Jawiin. Previously, I've written and produced videos for Good Mythical Morning, Screen Junkies, and Collider. For over 3 years, I hosted DC All Access, DC Comics' official Youtube show. Over the last few years, I've written a novel, worked on two CBS TV dramas (The Code and another one that's classified), and crowdfunded several Ringo nominated comics!

Speaking of comics, subscribe to this newsletter by entering your email and you’ll gain access to my comic Super Best Friends #1. Today. Now.

SYNOPSIS: WELCOME TO TOMORROW CITY!  Where young Mattie Moore has always had many friends, including the renowned Captain Terrific. He records the captain’s acts of heroism for the world to see on a channel lovingly called “SUPER BEST FRIEND.” However, everything changes when Mattie  records Captain Terrific during a personal moment, accidentally revealing his secret identity, Calvin Cobb, to the entire world! Can the young Mattie Moore repair the clamorous situation?

No hijinks. Here’s the link. Go and read it:

Thanks for the free comic. Now, what's this second transmission you'll be sending out each month?

The second monthly transmission of the Inman Infantry will feature exclusive chapters from upcoming novels and comics. Firstly, I'll share some pages from my non-fiction book Why We Love Superman. Over the past decade, I have interviewed the creators of Superman and asked them all kinds of questions about the Man of Steel. Why We Love Superman is a book that will examine every aspect of Superman by the people that have molded him most, his creators. From interviews, we will learn how Superman's writers and artists from many eras view Krypton, the Kents, and make the choice on who is Superman's greatest villain. Reading the decisions and opinions that these creators feel towards the man of tomorrow will allow us to understand why we love Superman, and how he has endured for over 84 years.

Among the creators featured will be Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Roger Stern, Paul Dini, Mark Waid and more!

Please stay tuned for our twice-monthly newsletter.

Now for your second gift...

I'm giving everyone who subscribes to this newsletter a 40% discount on my non-fiction novel Super Soldiers. Comic book superheroes have been influenced by the true heroes of our armed forces for decades. Each chapter revisits military comic book characters and compares them to personal stories from Inman’s military career. Super Soldiers is a perfect gift for soldiers and fans of military science fiction or non-fiction heroes, and everyone who wants to know the stories behind their favorite comic books.

Go to my personal store and use the coupon code INFANTRY at checkout for 40% off cover price!

"Super Soldiers is a heroic, inspiring, smartly researched, deeply personal and historically relevant book that manages to be as thrilling as it is thoughtful.” – Ben Percy, writer of Wolverine and author of The Dark Net

Okay, I've rambled enough and I'll be in touch soon. Feel free to ask any questions below.

For now, let me just say what a joy this is for me. It will be fun to share my new novel with you and teach you about heroism.

It's because of you that I have this opportunity, because of your willingness to read through all this scribble. Thanks for being a part of this new venture, and I hope you'll join me for the ride. I’m humbled and grateful that you're here.

If you're curious, here's my writing progress for 2022...

So far, I’ve written.

  • 2 hour long TV Drama Pilots
  • 1 hour long TV Spec Script
  • 1 TV Drama Outline
  • 1 Movie Drama Story Doc
  • 3 Comic Book Scripts
  • 2 Comic Book Proposal Series
  • 1 Novel Story Doc
  • 21 Podcast Episodes
  • ... and one Newletter Post!

Where to find me online...

MY STORE : Pick up signed copies of all of my books and comics

GEEK HISTORY LESSON: A weekly podcast I co-host with Ashley Victoria Robinson. We teach you everything you need to know about an story or person in pop culture in less than an hour.

TWITTER: The best place to find me online. @Jawiin

TIK TOK :  Watch me make absurd videos as I try to figure out this platform!

PATREON: I post 5 exclusive podcasts a month on Patreon including the my Justice League The Animated Series Review Podcast.

Instagram: The place I post pictures, I can't promise they'll all be great.

Thanks for reading, Superfriends.

Next week, we’ll dive into the first HERO HISTORY!

Be seeing you.